Driving to town this morning, through mud and water, getting past vehicles that got stuck in the mud, I wish I was back in December on our magical Holiday in Inhassoro! I just love the little town. Can’t get enough of it!

December highlights

After running the Pafuri gauntlet, not knowing if we would be able to cross the Limpopo or not and a very busy 2018, the break and rest was what the doctor ordered!

Captain Lee lodge

We spend some lazy days with the kids on the beach or just by the Pool of Captain Lee Lodge. Captain Lee Lodge is one of my absolute favorite places and I just love spending time there. The whole lodge is furnished with taste and my absolute favorite is the floors with its wooden borders.

Michael and Marie Lee have an eye for detail and this lodge is proof! Each bathroom is tastefully decorated in earthy moods and colors along with elements from the see. The rooms are spacious and all walk out onto a deck overlooking the ocean.

The entertainment area is spacious and comfortable with a dreamy open plan kitchen. I can just go on and on and on about the beauty of Captain Lee lodge and there are no photos on the internet that can do justice to the lodge.

Apart from the great accommodation, the infinity pool is cool and makes you feel like a million dollars! The views are spectacular!

Day excursion to Santa Carolina, the Island of Survivor

Our friends are from Pretoria and you don’t make the trip this far and not visit Paradise Island also known as Santa Carolina. The Telegraph calls it the “the island that time forgot”

The transport

We decided to charter a traditional dhow and I would recommend it to everyone! We were at the island within 45 minutes and the crew treated us like royalty! Included in the charter were food and drinks and I must say they brought the big guns! A table was set on the beach for us and the most delicious calamari and fish served with rice, chips and salad! I was speechless and it made me think of a post I saw a while ago on Facebook. The post said if you buy from a big company, nobody does the happy dance, but if you support a family business or a one man operation, it is life changing because our support means the world to that person! I was so humbled by their dedication to make our day on the island comfortable and memorable. I will use them again!

On our way to the island the men had to try and fish a bit and we spotted sea turtles! What a wonderful experience!!

The Hotel time forgot about

I am a bit of a history freak and I loved exploring the old hotel. So sad to see it going to ruin. I tried to find more about the history on the hotel and Island, but it looks like the fact that Bob Dylan wrote a song there and that the 3rd season of Survivor SA was on the island is the only history recorded. I was more interested in who stayed there? The people that lived there every day…. What happened and why? I couldn’t really find any reputable source and even Wikipedia was vague, the mystery and secrets of the island draws me closer to it. Sure it is wonderful snorkeling water and even young Angelica could go out with us! Excitement for both of us!!

BD Point!

Another highlight when visiting Inhassoro is to make the trip to Bartholomew Dias Point. It’s a 30km beach drive north of Inhassoro. Very scenic and wonderful swimming beach. Just watch the tides because you can only reach Inhassoro during low tide…. We were stuck there once till 22h00 one evening!

I wish I was still there but like everyone else, we had to get back to January and face reality!