It’s been an eventful week! There is a lot of chirping going on in my office with the eggs hatching in the incubator.

1This is a hobby of my husbands and a science with humidity needing to be just right on specific days. I leave it to him…. Too many cooks…. I’ll do the feeding, raising and selling.

We spend a lot of time in the classroom learning all about other continents and where Australia is situated (I would like to think it is because of my sister that lives there, but my brother in-law brought a Dinosaur book with when they visited last year, so Wessel is convinced that is Dino-world!) and the USA because they have cousins living in Georgia. Also where malaria is found all over the world.

Pierre Enslin Jnr helped me with this artwork in the office/classroom

The big Malaria

Malaria is a potentially life-threatening disease caused by infection with Plasmodium protozoa transmitted by an infective female Anopheles mosquito. Plasmodium falciparum infection carries a poor prognosis with a high mortality if untreated, but it has an excellent prognosis if diagnosed early and treated appropriately.

It must be the question I dread the most. “And what about Malaria and the children?” The fact that I know that a child dies of Malaria every 60 seconds in Africa doesn’t help my nerves. I know its all because of social-economical factors, but still!

I am not going to go to much into the: What is malaria and treatment topic. Google is filled with it and I do believe that when it comes to malaria, dr Google and old wives tales are the most dangerous course of action. Malaria can be fatal, so just go to a medical practitioner for advise, diagnosis and treatment!

What can I say? We live in a Malaria area and it is something that is constantly in the back of our minds, but we try to manage it. We haven’t been malaria free since we moved here but we try.

The children are sprayed, the yard is sprayed, mosquito gauze in front of each window…

I think prevention is the biggest cure and we try to keep our yard as mosquito free as possible. Sad thing is by spraying the yard weekly there is less fireflies around.

I try to get plants growing around the house that is known to repel mosquitoes, like lavender, lemon grass, peppermint and citronella malva’s.

This year I am a bit worried about it, because we had some early malaria cases in the community and even closer to home… Eugene had malaria a week ago.

We are privileged to have a wonderful medical facility in Vilanculos, so the doctor isn’t that far away but still I am putting some extra precautions in place

Malaria Facts