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Us, Farmers

A Look in the everyday life of farmers in Africa and their families

The Big M…..

The Question I dread the most:”And what about Malaria?”

Paradise & Island

Driving to town this morning, through mud and water, getting past vehicles that got stuck in the mud, I wish I was back in December on our magical Holiday in Inhassoro! I just love the little town. Can’t get enough… Continue Reading →

The Pafuri road

You never know how the Pafuri road will treat you. Will you cross the Limpop river or will it be flooded? Will you get lost? Venture there where Google maps haven’t gone yet

Rio Save Adventure

We plan and plan and then the most unexpected road trip can lead to a great adventure

Happy Place, Inhassoro!!

The past weekend we had the privilege to host a Stork party to two dear friends in Inhassoro. Anything to organize a braai (barbecue) Jean and Natasha are expecting their 3rd child and this will leave Jean with a total… Continue Reading →

Rain Culture

We are blessed this year with early rain and as I am typing I can hear the call of a Piet-my-vrou (Red chested cuckoo). Absolute music to my ears! This is a little bird farmers always listens to hear, see… Continue Reading →

Setting up camp

So where are you? If you visit Mozambique once or twice, distance isn’t an issue, but once you start living here, you realize exactly how taxing these distances are. Once we moved here, I tried to change my hometown on… Continue Reading →

live, love, farm…. Mozambique

The phrase in the movie “I had a farm in Africa” always awakened something in my soul whenever I heard it. I can’t recall the first time I heard it, but I remember I just understood it… What emotions it… Continue Reading →

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