The past weekend we had the privilege to host a Stork party to two dear friends in Inhassoro. Anything to organize a braai (barbecue)

Jean and Natasha are expecting their 3rd child and this will leave Jean with a total of 4 ladies to keep happy!

Jean and Natasha

We met Jean and Natasha back in 2015 when visiting Inhassoro. Our son, Wessel and their daughter Zania hit it of from day one! We always try and organize a play date for the 4 kids (soon to be 5) Rossha seafood family restaurant is exactly what it says, a place of good food in an open air restaurant and enough play area for kids. it always reminds me of a very authentic Mozambique with killer Jam Jar cocktails!

The 3 girls in deep discussion!

It was such fun to plan this and the two lovely people, Martin and Caron Oosthuizen from Dugong in Inhassoro gave us permission to use their premises. I was super excited as this is one of my Favorite places in the whole of Mozambique!! Apart from being right on the beach, they have an idyllic pool, and lush green lawns for the kids to run and play at leisure!

This was a wonderful setting for a relaxed family afternoon of picnic and braai!

Two of my friends play a very important role! Dominique (Roomes Bonsmara) helped with the decorations and Bianca was as always my wing person! Thank you both so much!

The local Deli in Inhassoro once again supplied us with goodies we normally struggle to get in Mozambique. I was so happy, because this was a special occasion, I wanted everything to be just perfect!

I knew that Wessel have a soft spot for a blond girl, but to all of our surprise, he asked Liza from Countryliving SA if he may marry her daughter when he is all grown up!! Such a gentleman!!

Jean Paul

To my surprize, the chef at Dugong, Jean Paul was on his post. I didn’t think he would be there and he was the biggest help! The food, as always was wonderful and the setting perfect!!

Thank you each and everyone that helped with sending invites, speaches (tannie Lynette) salads and all the little things that makes an event like this a huge success!

Baby Rossouw, we cant wait to meet you!!