The phrase in the movie

“I had a farm in Africa”

always awakened something in my soul whenever I heard it. I can’t recall the first time I heard it, but I remember I just understood it… What emotions it stirred and what joy and hardships it portrayed… I only saw the movie a couple of years ago, but it was known to me even before I saw it.

My husband and myself grew up on farms in South Africa and although our minds wondered off in different directions, the passion of farming called us back to the earth and where we belong. My farther had a mixed farming operation, but mainly maize and my husbands father farmed with peaches. As small children we knew the effects of a raging fire, the joy rain can bring, the excitement of harvesting, the race of planting season and how to nurse a sick animal back to health with patience.

Our Story

It was a couple of years ago we found our piece of African Farm in the Inhassoro district of the Inhambane province of Mozambique. We decided in 2016 to make Toro Ranch our and our Bonsmara cattle’s home. We did not import the first Bonsmara Cattle to Mozambique, but we where the first to import stud animals and run a registered cattle stud in Mozambique.Toro Ranch Mozambique

Our Farm

The journey so far has been filled with highs and lows… just like any other farming operation, but we have a lifestyle of quality in every aspect. Best of all is we have a bucket filled with dreams and we can see our progress towards reaching these goals.

Our main farming operation has always been Bonsmara cattle (our stud in SA was called Gelykwater Bonsmara), but we’ve done things here and there to add-on. One of those things was a Holiday farm, Ribbokkloof in the Mpumalanga highveld, and it is still a very popular destination. Over the years in the Ribbokkloof reception office (my Friday afternoon jail) I learned, was that people, young and old wanted what we had… a farm. They wanted the lifestyle, to work with plants or animals, not in offices on computers. Newsflash… farmers these days spend a lot of time in the office and in front of computers also, but I guess we have a balance that most people don’t have.

I invite you to join us on our journey here in Mozambique. For those who can not leave the desk, share in our free-range, grass-fed Bonsmara philosophy and other farming operations. Share in our lifestyle. Maybe get some experience, some insight of the hardship and joy of a cattle ranch and maybe get a little inspired to go out and accomplish your dreams!!

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section or email us at if you want more information on farming cattle in Mozambique!